Updated: 23 Feb 2015

The Basics

All bookings must be paid in full within 3 days of the booking being made unless we deem it reasonable to do otherwise.

What is this tiny charge on my credit card?

You may see a $0 or $1 charge on your credit card along with your accommodation charge from Spa Villas on Main. This is a temporary authorisation charge our credit card facility uses to verify your card is valid, and it will be automatically refunded within a maximum of ten (10) days.


A confirmation email detailing villa access information will be sent two (2) days prior to check-in. If your booking is made less than two (2) days from your check-in date, please contact us via email at to confirm access arrangements.


If a booking is reduced in the number of days, then the most applicable rate will be applied to the new booking duration. Any changes to bookings will incur a $30 administration fee, booking dates can not be changed within thirty (30) days of the check-in date.


All bookings are final and are non-refundable. A booking can be converted into a gift voucher with the same value at any time up until fourteen (14) days before the check-in date. Gift vouchers that have been converted from a booking will have a twelve (12) month expiry from the original booking check-in date.


We will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked and reserves the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances.